Montag, 7. Februar 2011

Debaters confirmed for Art + Argument at K3, 20 February 2011

Without a market, no-one would make art

Hubert Bächler, Claudia Groeflin, Garrett Nelson and Nadia Schneider debate artists' motivation and the ideal art market

17h, 20 February 2011
(followed by finissage of 'Oneself as Another’ with Joel Croxson, Luzia Hürzeler and Sam Porritt
18 - 21h)

K3 Project Space
Maag Areal
Hardstrasse 219
CH 8005 Zürich

3 Kommentare:

  1. It is so not true.. I know we live in a decadend era but.. I'd say instead that without Art there wouldn'd be an art market.. Please do not reduce art to its limited although important commercial side, please do not bend to this vision human innate pulsion to create, please do not abide by the British/US market-only driven way of interpreting art... I've recently read about the US PR agencies whose work is to instruct artists about how to produce art in order to sell more effectively. That is human, although to me disgusting, but please do not force your vision into this single tunnel.

    Ivan Ferrari

  2. I agree with Ivan - I think that the impulse to make art comes from a much deeper place than sales and fame - though both are gratifying if or when they come ones way - & nothing wrong with being savvy and professional - but before that, in order to create something profound and meaningful an artist needs to separate from market drives and connect with a personal vision

  3. Without a market, no-one would make art..for the market!!! This is called a TAUTOLOGY!!!
    The same "argument" could be stated as
    Without a market, no-one would make FOOD , HOUSING, CARS, HEALTH CARE..etc...etc...
    Now food and almost everything else was produced before capitalism and its market!!! Amazing!! How they did it? The neoliberal logic is not very logical after all...

    Marcelo Guimarães Lima