Freitag, 24. August 2012

Public art should be a guest, not a resident

Meret Ernst, Sabina Lang, Susanne Sauter and Paulina Szczesniak debate public art and its timing

6 September 2012, 18h30
Turbinenstrasse 18 (Mobimo Tower)
8005 Zurich
Ring bell of flat 23D, take lift to the 23rd floor

This debate takes place in the context of Art and the City

Four cultural experts in two opposing teams debate and discuss a motion that they have been assigned. Each participant has been given a position opposing or defending the motion, and each has five minutes to argue their case uninterrupted. Thereafter the speakers challenge each other, and the audience may in turn question the speakers. The event ends with a vote for the more persuasive team. 

This is a forum for discussing culture where the unspeakable may be said. Each speaker must play his or her assigned role, regardless of whether they agree or not. Speakers benefit from temporary immunity: what they say during the debate is not necessarily their opinion and they cannot be held to their word afterwards. 

Art + Argument is an itinerant event bringing together exciting minds from the Swiss art scene and beyond. To know more, write to aoiferosenmeyer (at)

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