Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

Art + Argument at dienstgebäude

Art and television must be kept apart

Paul Harper, Sam Porritt, Jacqueline Uhlmann and Roos Gortzak debate high and low culture

21 May 2010


dienstgebäude, Weichengasse 4,

bei Neufrankengasse / Langstrassenunterführung, Zürich 8004, Switzerland

Four cultural experts in two opposing teams debate an issue relating to art. Teams must oppose or defend the motion, and each team member has five minutes to argue their case uninterrupted. After that speakers may challenge each other and the audience may in turn question the speakers. The event ends with a vote for the more persuasive team. 

This is a forum for discussing culture where the unspeakable may be said. Each speaker must play his or her assigned role, regardless of whether they agree or not. Speakers benefit from temporary immunity: what they say during the debate is not necessarily their opinion and they cannot be held to their word after the event. 

This debate is taking place during an exhibition of works by Ueli Alder, David Raymond Conroy, Lilly McElroy and Cecile Weibel at deinstgebäude from 12 – 29 May 2010. See

Art & Argument is an itinerant event bringing together exciting minds from the Swiss art scene and beyond. To know more, write to