Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Art + Argument at dienstgebäude

On 21st May 2010 Roos Gortzak, Paul Harper, Sam Porritt and Jacqueline Uhlmann debated the motion: Art and television must be kept apart.

Paul and Sam defended the motion, referring to the apathy felt my many artists in relation to the media and to works by Bruce Nauman, amongst other artists, that are better viewed in a gallery context. For the opposition, Jacqueline and Roos argued for television's educational and communicative abilities and also cited artists who successfully use the mannerisms and structures of television, such as Cezary Bodzianowski and Matthieu Laurette. We discussed mass television audiences, art as décor and low-key activism before a vote was taken; ultimately the audience's sympathies were with the opposition.

Many thanks to all the participants, to dienstgebäude and to a very engaged audience!

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